- Since July 2017, we decided to start with a very aggressive price policy that continues to this day. We basically dropped our different price tiers for different customers: architects, designers, developers, contractors and others. We go with the lowest price we can for any customer: Professionals or homeowners;
- Every proposal we make is revised by higher management for final pricing. Every single time we find room for discount, we PROVIDE IT. If we were able to provide one, you'll see on the bottom of your proposal. If you don't see an additional discount, it's because we can't go any lower;
- Regarding discounts, please make sure you understand that sometimes, even though there might be a discount at the bottom of your proposal or not, we do minor adjustments on the price of the materials (for less) to reflect a small discount on that particular item due to the quantity being purchased;
- Since January 2023, as we are increasing our efforts to sell more materials (without installation), we are providing discounts that range from 5% to 10% to industry professionals if they are buying materials only (without delivery or installation);
- We do have a minimum price for projects which is $2,600. That amount will cover all the costs involved in a delivery-and-installation process plus one day of labor for a full crew.

For those reasons, we are not able to provide any discount or more discount for your project.